Happy Valentine’s day!

Cover for Wonder Woman #20

Wonder Woman #0 comes out this week! Here’s my original cover for the Zero issue. I was pretty far ahead on covers when I’d drawn this, so we were unaware of the “burst” design for all the Zero issues. I’d love to be able to reuse the cover, but it’s so story specific it wouldn’t have worked anywhere else.

Come help us celebrate the release of Wonder Woman #1 this Saturday, 9/24 at 8pm at Bergen Street Comics. I’ll be signing copies of the book, beverages will be served, and we will be offering a special limited-edition print to anyone who purchases a copy of the book, starting today. I’m really proud of what we’ve created, and hope you enjoy it, too. Can’t make it to Brooklyn? If you’re in the Baltimore area, I’ll be signing at Cards, Comics, and Collectibles next week on 9/28, so please drop by and say hello.

It’s Wonder Woman week! Our first issue arrives this Wednesday, 9/21, and we’re throwing a special release party at Bergen Street Comics in Brooklyn on Saturday, 9/24. All of the art for #1 will be framed and displayed at the shop, and we have this limited-edition “battle axe” print that comes with purchase of the book. If you’re in Baltimore, I’ll also be signing at Cards, Comics and Collectibles on 9/28. Get excited!

An early promo image we cooked up to visualize our take on Wonder Woman. The original version has pants!