Here’s a sneak peek at “MARS TO STAY!” by me and Brett Lewis (@Wintermen) in Vertigo’s Witching Hour anthology, in stores 10/2. Art and colors by me.


New York Comic Con and Brooklyn Brewery are teaming up again this year for a new incarnation of the beer concept they launched last year, Brooklyn Defender!


This year’s beer, an American Black Ale with “dark malt visage and hopping finish that protects the city from the scourge of tasteless…

Wonder Woman #21 - Animated cover


(intentionally only displaying a thumbnail version. Didn’t want the full-res version showing up in feeds making people sick. Click here to see the larger version)

Wonder Woman #21
Written by: Brian Azzarello
Art by: Cliff Chiang
Animated by: Brad Backofen

Don’t stare too long!

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Modern Masters vol. 29


I’m flattered and very proud to announce I’m the focus of Modern Masters vol. 29, arriving in stores May 2013 from the fine folks at TwoMorrows Publishing. More info can be found here.

Happy Valentine’s day!

Big Barda, for the 2012 Baltimore Comic-Con charity auction

Big Barda, for the 2012 Baltimore Comic-Con charity auction

Cover for Wonder Woman #20

New York Comic-Con!

I’ll be in Artists Alley, Tables N1-3, with pals like Andy Macdonald, Jared Fletcher and Ivan Brandon. I will have postcards, prints (a couple new ones!), and even some hardcovers and trades for sale. Unfortunately I won’t be taking on any commissioned sketches this year, but please drop by and say hello, and get some comics signed!

Thursday 10/11
SIGNING (DCE Booth #1238)

Friday 10/12
    12:30-1:30pm WONDER WOMAN: CONCEPT TO PAGE (Room 1A01)
     We’ve got the whole team on stage to talk about the creative process, from scripts and design to coloring and lettering, as well as sharing some designs for characters to be introduced in the coming months. Should be fun!

Saturday 10/13
SIGNING (DCE Booth #1238)

    5:15-6:15pm DC Comics: Justice League (Room 1E07)

Wonder Woman #0 comes out this week! Here’s my original cover for the Zero issue. I was pretty far ahead on covers when I’d drawn this, so we were unaware of the “burst” design for all the Zero issues. I’d love to be able to reuse the cover, but it’s so story specific it wouldn’t have worked anywhere else.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012

Can you believe it’s here already? I’ll be there, at booth #1221, with my pals from Epic Proportions. We’ll have t-shirts, prints, postcards, and if I have the time, commissions. We’ll have to play it by ear!

I’ll also be hanging out at the DC booth, too, for signings and an art demo on Saturday.  Here’s the DC schedule, and you can find me at my booth all other times.

Thursday July 12
SIGNING (DCE Booth #1915)

 Saturday July 14
    2-3pm SIGNING (DCE Booth #1915)